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Azerbaijan - Bulgaria - France - Iran - Korea - Malaysia - Mexico - Norway - Saudi Arabia - Signapore - Turkey - United Kingdom




Celebration of World Metrology Day 2015 in the Republic of Azerbaijan

Each year, World Metrology Day is celebrated in the Republic of Azerbaijan. This year the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent of the Republic of Azerbaijan will organize an international seminar in line with this year’s theme “Measurements and Light” on 20 May 2015 in Baku.

The invited speakers from the both public and private sectors, representatives from higher educational institutions, as well as experts from calibration laboratories will deliver speeches on the current status of measurements in the country, the challenges faced by and needs in industry, proposed solutions, etc. during this event.

In addition it is expected that experts from the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) and the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML), respresentatives of member states of the Euro-Asian Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (EASC), as well as Euro-Asian Council of National Metrological Institutions (COOMET) and media respresentatives will also attend this international seminar.




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World Metrology Day events in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Institute of Metrology, the State Agency for Metrological and the Technical Surveillance and Union of Metrologists in Bulgaria are planning to jointly celebrate this year’s World Metrology Day with a chain of events. Amongst them are:

  • 12th Scientific-Practical Conference under the motto “Measurements and Light” which will be organized on 20 May. This conference will include the following topics:
    • Light, human and metrology,
    • New sources of light – a challenge facing metrology and consumer protection,
    • Technologies, innovations, measurements, measurement standards – current status and prospective for development;
  • Seminar “Measurements of Light and by Light” organized on 21 May, which will examine specific topics in the field of photometry, spectrophotometry, refractometry, reflection and color. Experts from BIM will give lectures on the topics mentioned.

Colleagues from the Bulgarian Institute of Standardization, the Bulgarian Academy of Science, the Technical University of Sofia, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, the University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski”, NPP Kozloduy as well as former colleagues in the field of metrology, manufacturers of measuring instruments and other interested parties are invited to attend the events.

The events are part of the national program for celebrating the International Year of Light, 2015 (IYL – 2015) under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Rosen Plevneliev.




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France - Metrodiff


Conférences : "La lumière et les lumières"

Les conférenciers Thierry Gaudin et Jean-François Magana, tous deux Ingénieurs, vont nous conter des facettes sociétales inspirées par ce mot "lumière".

2015 est "l'année internationale de la lumière". Nos deux interlocuteurs vont faire un lien entre la lumière dans la société, la connaissance, la philosophie et la lumière sous son biais utilitariste vue par les scientifiques.

Alors que la lumière est devenue le support de la diffusion de l'information, et en s'inspirant de l'histoire, de la philosophie et des sciences jusqu'à notre société mondialisée, Thierry Gaudin et Jean-François Magana nous parlent de la société qui se dessine.

Les conférences auront lieu :

  • le 27 avril à l'Ecole des Mines d'Albi Carmaux, et
  • le 19 mai au CNAM de Paris.

Les deux conférences sont gratuites et accessibles librement. Votre inscription est toutefois nécessaire.

Pour s'inscrire, cliquer ici.


Conferences: "Light and the lights"

Speakers Thierry Gaudin and Jean-Francois Magana, both engineers, will tell us about the societal aspects inspired by the word "light".

2015 is the "International Year of Light". Our two speakers will make a connection between light in society, knowledge, and philosophy and light under its bias utilitarian view by scientists.

As light became the medium of information dissemination, and building on history, philosophy and science up to our global society, Thierry Gaudin and Jean-Francois Magana will talk about the society that is emerging.

The conferences will take place:

  • on April 27 at the Ecole des Mines d'Albi Carmaux, and
  • on May 19 at the CNAM in Paris.

Both lectures are free and freely accessible, however registration is necessary.

To register, please click here.



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Islamic Republic of Iran


WMD 2015 in the Islamic Republic of Iran

The National  Metrology Center of Iran is celebrating World Metrology Day by organizing an important event. In 2015 the 7th Conference of World Metrology Day (Measurements and Light) will be held on 20 May.

During this one-day event in conjunction with the fortieth anniversary of the establishment of the National Metrology Center of Iran, several speeches will be given by the first vice president, the head of the Institute of standards and Industrial Research of Iran, and by professors and professionals. Videos will also be presented. Articles, brochures and case studies will be available to all guests, and posters and banners will be displayed in many places in the country to increase public awareness.

The messages of the BIML and BIPM Directors and articles on World Metrology Day have been translated into Farsi and published on the National  Metrology Center of Iran website (metrology.isiri.org).

The National  Metrology Center of Iran will prepare and publish the Monthly Journal of Metrology  based on the topic of World Metrology Day (Measurements and Light). In addition, radio and television programs on the topic Measurements and Light will be prepared and broadcast.

For more information please contact the following addresses:

Mr. Khosro Madanipour, ISIRI General Director, Metrology Center
Tel: +98-26-3280-3867
Fax: +98-26-3281-8866
Address: ISIRI,shahr-e-sanati.P.O.Box:31585-163,Karaj

Mrs. Mahnaz Hashami, ISIRI Head of Standardization Group, Metrology Center
Tel: +98-26-3280-3867
Fax: +98-26-3281-8866
Address: ISIRI, shahr-e-sanati.P.O.Box:31585-163, Karaj



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Korea (Rep.)


Celebration of World Metrology Day 2015 in the Republic of Korea

The two main events organized by KRISS in celebration of World Metrology Day are co-sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP) and the National Research Council of Science and Technology (NST).

This year’s WMD symposium features two invited speakers, who will respectively give presentations on research and business in optical technologies. The symposium will be preceded by a ceremony at which twelve people will be honored with awards from MSIP, NST and KRISS in recognition of their outstanding services to the advancement of metrology in Korea.

On the morning of the day itself, another ceremony will be hosted for the completion of the new Mechanical Laboratory building in KRISS, in which a 1 MN deadweight force standard has been installed.

Date: May 20 (Wed), 2015 (13:30-16:00)

Venue: KRISS (Auditorium)

  • Ceremony: 13:30-14:00
  • Symposium: 14:00-16:00
  • Invited speaker (1): History and Future of Optics Research in Korea – Prof. Dr. In Won LEE
  • Invited speaker (2): Optical Technologies and Start-ups – Prof. Dr. Byoung Yoon KIM
  • KRISS Optics Lab Open:
  • Participants in the WMD celebration at KRSIS are welcome to visit the optics laboratories of KRISS, which will be open immediately after the symposium.



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Celebration of World Metrology Day 2015 in Malaysia

The National Metrology Laboratory, SIRIM Berhad (NML-SIRIM) has been celebrating 'World Metrology Day' since 2013. This year, the celebration will be held on a larger scale where the invitation is extended to the Minister of the Government and will be attended by Dr. Martin Milton, Director of the BIPM.

A one-day celebration, carrying this year’s theme of “Measurements and Light” has been planned on 20 May 2015 with a series of programmes which is divided into two sessions.

In the morning, a closed session for invited guests from the Ministry, National Measurement Council, government departments and agencies will be held with the following activities lineup:

  • Welcoming remarks by the President & Chief Executive of SIRIM Berhad.
  • Opening ceremony by the Minister and the declaration of NML-SIRIM becoming National Metrology Institute of Malaysia (NMIM).
  • Keynote Address by Dr. Martin Milton, Director of the BIPM.
  • Technical presentation by the invited speakers covering the topics of solar energy and light.
  • Demo setups on photovoltaic solar, tint meter and automated enforcement systems.

In the afternoon, NML-SIRIM has arranged an open day for the public to come and visit our selected laboratories. During the session, the public will have the opportunity to see for themselves the national measurement standards that are realized, developed and maintained by NML-SIRIM to support their health, safety and environment. Throughout the celebration day, there are also exhibition booths to cater for the hierarchy of measurement standards for Malaysia’s metrology infrastructure. NML-SIRIM will exhibit the primary standards for the seven SI units and also make known our research studies on gold purity and Baghdad “gantang” standards. Visitors will also be entertained with booths by local accredited calibration laboratories, metrology equipment manufacturers as well as regulated bodies.

We wish all metrology-related professionals a happy “World Metrology Day 2015”. May all of us be metrologically united and our networking be unmeasurable!

Dr. Osman Haji Zakaria
Senior General Manager
National Metrology Laboratory
SIRIM Berhad
T: +603-8778 1771
F: +603-8778 1661



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CENAM prepares for World Metrology Day 2015 - See the Photo Gallery from the 2014 Open Day

A review of the 2014 CENAM World Metrology Day celebration, including many pictures, is published here.



WMD 2015 in Monterrey, MEXICO

ETALONS is a commercial private Calibration Laboratory that has been providing services in Mexico since 1981. ETALONS and the Universidad Metropolitana de Monterrey are organizing a Forum on 20 May 2015 to celebrate World Metrology Day.

This Forum will include three sessions related to the science of measurement and will focus on this year´s theme Measurements and Light.

A special event web page has been created where delegates may register to attend the Forum - this web page also contains information about the program and directions get to the venue.

Please visit http://registro.etalons.com.mx/



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World Metrology Day 2015 in Norway

To celebrate World Metrology Day 2015, Justervesenet, the Norwegian Metrology Service, will:

  • launch a photo competition with the theme "bright side of life" in which the measurement of light is connected;
  • send out a press release and provide information about ongoing scientific projects on optical measurements; and
  • inform visitors to the website about this year's theme "Measurements and Light", and about the connection to the Metre Convention and the SI Units.

For further details, please visit www.justervesenet.no




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Saudi Arabia


WMD 2015 in Saudi Arabia

This year’s event is the sixth edition since 2010. The Saudi Quality Council, under the official sponsorship of His Excellency the Governor of Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) is organizing the Sixth Measurement Forum on 20 May, 2015, in line with this year's theme Measurements and Light.

Brief program highlights:

  • Venue: Jeddah Hilton (ALQASR)
  • Sponsor: Saudi Specialized Laboratories Co.( Motabaqah) (Diamond)
  • Keynote Speakers:
    • Dr. Kamal Hossain, Chair of the European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET) and Director, Research & International at NPL, and
    • Dilip A. Shah (Fellow of the American Society for Quality - ASQ).

The program will include three sessions with three speeches in each session. The main topics will be in line with the WMD theme.

A special event web page was launched to present the WMD program. It contains various resources about the concepts and application of metrology. Please visit www.sqc.org.sa/wmd for updates.

We wish everybody a successful and happy WMD.

Eng. Waleed Al-Faris
Member of the Executive Committee of the SQC




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National Metrology Centre Plans Celebration for World Metrology Day 2015

In celebration of World Metrology Day 2015, the A*STAR National Metrology Centre (NMC) is organizing a conference on ‘Measurements and Light’ in Singapore on 20 May 2015.

Invited speakers will share how light-related measurement science supports the challenges faced by various industry sectors, which will benefit the end-users, stakeholders and regulators in related calibration, measurement and testing that are critical for global trade and industry.

Key industry players will also be sharing their insights at the Industrial Round tables focusing on measurement needs and challenges faced in the industry including aerospace technologies.

The event is targeted to attract more than 150 participants from various sectors, who use accurate and precise measurements for product design, manufacturing and engineering services for the global markets; as well as research organisations which seek higher levels of measurement accuracy for R&D and international collaborations.



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World Metrology Day 2015 in Turkey

World Metrology Day will be celebrated on May 20, 2015, through activities organized by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology General Directorate of Metrology and Standardization and hosted by TUBITAK UME.

The activities scheduled between 09:00 and 16:00 will begin with opening speeches. Guest speaker Prof. Dr. Bekir Karaoglu will give a speech on the importance of metrology, followed by Prof. Dr. Alphan Sennaroglu, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences at Koc University, who will give a lecture on the subject of historical precursors to speed of light measurements and current measurements of light pulses. TUBITAK UME staff member Ugur Akkaya will give a presentation aimed at younger participants on the relationship between measurements and light. Activities will conclude with a tour of TUBITAK UME laboratories.

Invitations to the World Metrology Day activities have been sent to government agencies, universities that conduct academic studies on topics related to metrology and secondary schools. Plans have been made for the participation of approximately 400 persons.



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United Kingdom


World Metrology Day - NPL and Light

To celebrate World Metrology Day and tie in with the International Year of Light, NPL is hosting a series of lectures and opening a number of laboratories (from 2.00 pm - 5.30 pm) for business and academic peers.

There will be a series of short lectures highlighting how NPL uses light to measure a range of things from distance to time; how we are using lasers to see sound and also an overview on the TRUTHS project, which aims to use the sun as a reference standard and so improve climate change models.

NPL will also be opening up some of its Dimensional and Time & Frequency laboratories, along with some of the Optical Radiation and Acoustic facilities.

Register and find out more: www.npl.co.uk/events/20-may-2015-world-metrology-day-npl-and-light
Venue: National Physical Laboratory, Teddington
Contact: communications@npl.co.uk

World Metrology Day at NPL Huddersfield

NPL Huddersfield, in conjunction with the University of Huddersfield, will be welcoming local students studying in technology colleges and apprentices working in West Yorkshire manufacturing companies to visit our laboratories in the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre.

We will be providing demonstrations of a range of measuring and imaging equipment including 3D scanners, laser scanners, microscopy, forensic measurements and co-ordinate measurement. There will also be the opportunity to get items scanned and in some cases 3D printed.

We will also talk about the importance of metrology in manufacturing and the importance of metrology training for students and apprentices.

Find out more: http://www.npl.co.uk/events/20-may-2015-world-metrology-day-at-npl-huddersfield
Venue: 3M Buckley Innovation Centre, Huddersfield
Contact: Andy Morris



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