Information on copyright

The promotional material related to the 2023 World Metrology Day (2023 WMD) includes:

The poster can be downloaded from this web site in electronic form. It is copyrighted to the 2023 WMD Team, which therefore holds the exclusive rights to it. It is provided to you as promotional material for non commercial use only, to help you inform your stakeholders of the importance of metrology in everyday life.

On behalf of the 2023 WMD Team, you are hereby authorized to distribute this material to your stakeholders in electronic or printed form, subject to the conditions specified in the "FAQ" and this copyright page. The content of any modified or translated official WMD material is the sole responsibility of the publishing body.

Please note, however, that as the developers hold the economic and moral rights to this material (including all photos, logos, emblems, publications or any other creations), these rights are vested in the 2023 WMD Team and are internationally protected.

Consequently, any commercial third parties may not re-brand or sell copies of this material, or any portions of it, without the prior written permission of the 2023 WMD Team.

If you have any questions on the 2023 World Metrology Day copyrighted material please do not hesitate to contact the WMD Team.

Please note that these copyright guidelines also apply to all previous World Metrology Day web sites and material.