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If you wish us to make your posters available in PDF format on the WMD website, please ask your professional designer to make the required changes to the PhotoShop® file below by placing your logo at the top right and/or adapting it into a language other than those listed in the table below (please first check the Copyright Page).

IMPORTANT: Please send only your PDF files (NOT PhotoShop or image files) to the WMD Team for us to upload to this page. Please also read FAQ #6 for more details before submitting your posters to us.


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2023 World Metrology Day poster development partners
The 2023 poster was designed in association with SIM
and the Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial, Argentina

Posters in other languages

The poster versions below have been submitted to the WMD Team for publication.
Please note that the WMD Team is not responsible for the content of any language version
other than the official French and English versions


  1. A1 Poster A3 Poster A4 Poster Brazil: Canal Metrologia
  2. A1 Poster A3 Poster A4 Poster Portugal: Instituto Português da Qualidade (IPQ)
  3. A1 Poster A3 Poster A4 Poster Saudi Arabia: Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO)
  4. A1 Poster A3 Poster A4 Poster Tajikistan: Tajikstandard